Go Beyond The Secret

Learn These Seven Ways to Go Beyond the Secret

beyond the secret

Most of us loved The Secret and learned from it. The movie helped spread the manifesting message. But there are some areas that The Secret didn't cover well enough, or didn't address at all.

I've included Seven of these Ways to Go Beyond The Secret in a special 5 page report that you can have for free. Here's what it includes:

1. A simple exercise that reveals WHY you want certain things.

2. Two benefits of manifesting your emotion first.

3. How to manifest events through intense Holographic Creation.

4. Your matrix building or spiritual blueprint process.

5. How to change the "tattoos" on your mind that limit your life.

6. The #1 secret lesson you must learn in order to get what you want.

7. How the karmic law, or the law of restoration, can work for you.

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Report provided by Christopher Westra

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